Caleta Abarca Beach

This enclosed bay is located on a España avenue and is surrounded by the Recreo Hill in the south with the Capuchin Church convent on the cliff, to the north and above the rocker is Hotel Sheraton Miramar and beautiful facades of the Castillo Hill buildings in the East. The surrounding cove offers protection against the fierce ocean currents, allowing you to swim safely.

The beach is usually visited by local residents, but in the busy summer months it gets quite and vibrant. Visitors can stroll along the promenade or relax at one of the banks. There are also facilities for children's games, parking and a local disco. It is also fun to walk through the picturesque and small gardens.

The beach stands out for having ample parking lots a short distance from the coast, attached to a large number of businesses in the center of the place, bathrooms among other things. In the high part next to the parking lots there are roads surrounded by small palm trees.

This beach is the most popular and well-known in Viña del Mar, and has a beautiful landscape, absolutely recommended for its easy access, since different means of transport pass along the coast, from there you get a beautiful view towards The flower clock.


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  • Caleta Abarca Beach

    Caleta Abarca Beach

    Caleta Abarca Beach is one of the busiest and the most central beaches of the city Viña del Mar and has a beautiful landscape. It is a beach closest to our accommodation, which is only four blocks away or 5 minutes walking.

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